International Cooperation Projects


(H2020, 2020-2023)

Big Data for OPen innovation Energy Marketplace

Energy power systems face big challenges to cope with grid integration demands of an ever-increasing number of distributed generation and consumption devices in an interconnected world. Technology offers a huge range of opportunities to develop solutions in the uncertain current and upcoming  Energy market situation. This proposal considers Open Innovation as a natural solution to create a seamless link and balance between energy stakeholders needs and the solutions to be developed. Nowadays, old metering, operation and control devices are combined with smart systems with a huge amount of data being available yet unused or underused. This data offers a wide range of possibilities to improve existing energy services and creating new ones, all available in an Open Innovation Marketplace, and processed through an Analytic Toolbox. BD4OPEM will develop this Analytic Toolbox, based on Big data techniques, providing tools for enabling efficient business processes in the energy sector. By extracting more value from available data, a range of innovative services will be created in the fields of grid monitoring, operation and maintenance, network planning, fraud detection, smart houses/buildings/industries energy management, blockchain transactions and flexibility aggregation for demand-response. The Open Innovation Marketplace will ensure secure data flows from data providers to solution providers, always compliant with GDPR requirements, so that asset management is enhanced, consumer participation in energy balancing is promoted and new data-driven business models are created through innovative energy services. The project will demonstrate the above features in four large scale pilots with diverse distributed energy sources (e.g. PV, wind, hydro, EV, storage…), while promoting the competitiveness and synergies of Sustainable innovations and IT Ecosystems in Europe.


(H2020, 2019-2022)

Resilient Europe and Societies by Innovating Local Communities

Resilience is defined by the United Nations as “the ability to resist, absorb and accommodate to the effects of a hazard, in a timely and efficient manner”. Thus, resilient communities are those in which their citizens, environment, businesses, and infrastructures have the capacity to withstand, adapt, and recover in a timely manner from any kind of hazards they face, either planned or unplanned. In recent years efforts have been spent to tackle resilience and there is, still, a long path forward in defining an EU valid and sound approach to the problem. RESILOC aims at studying and implementing a holistic framework of studies, methods, and software instruments that combines the physical with the less tangible aspects associated with human behavior. The study-oriented section of the framework will move from a thorough collection and analysis of literature and stories from the many approaches to resilience adopted all over the World. The results of the studies will lead to the definition of a set of new methods and strategies where the assessment of the resilience indicators of a community will be performed together with simulations on the “what-if” certain measures are taken.

In RESILOC, the role of JSI is primarily focused on technology-related issues and the support of trials. Department of Communication Systems will be mainly concerned with solutions for radio localization of victims or first responders, basic infrastructure-less communication and crowd-sensing solutions. Department of Knowledge Technologies will focus on real-time sentiment analysis from social media and news, and crowdsensing data analytics from device measurements.


(H2020, 2017-2021)

Fed4FIRE+ is an Integrating Project under the European Union’s Programme Horizon 2020, addressing the work programme topic Future Internet Research and Experimentation. It started in January 2017 and will run for 60 months, until the end of September 2021. The Fed4FIRE+ project is the successor of the Fed4FIRE project.

Our role: Maintaining the federation of LOG-a-TEC with Fed4FIRE platform, adopting new interfaces, components and tools of the Fed4FIRE federation and providing basic support to external experimenters.

REA.A – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions


( HORIZON-TMA-MSCA-PF-EF, 2022 – 2025)

Timeliness of Information in Smart Grids Networks

TimeSmart project will investigate the applicability of the novel Age of Information metric in smart grid networks. While the metric has become a valuable tool for measuring the system’s performance, its practical value and impact in the real-time system are left unanswered. This project seeks to remedy that by applying the metric to a system in which the timing of collected data, currently measured through jitter or latency, profoundly impacts management and control. The AoI offers a new perspective on how the system should collect and process information, as such decisions are also based on the context of processed information (their semantic nature). In turn, the new approach can offer an innovative way of improving the efficiency of renewable electrical energy supply and electrical loads by taking advantage of the available edge infrastructure. This project aims to adopt the AoI metric in smart grid networks to improve the energy transmission efficiency, achievable through more timely collected information, to save energy.


COST CA20120 – INTERACT (2021 – 2025)
Omogočanje inteligentnih radijskih komunikacij za vseobsežne interakcije brez zaznavanja prekinitev/ Intelligence-Enabling Radio Communication for Seamless Inclusive Interactions

Bilateral cooperation


(2020 – 2021)
IJS – Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banja Luka
Povezan algoritem razvrščanja in usmerjanja za industrijske aplikacije v brezžičnih omrežjih/ Razvoj združenog algoritma raspoređivanja i rutiranja za industrijske aplikacije osjetiljive na kašnjenje.


(2021 – 2022)
IJS – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro
Lokalizacija v zaprtih prostorih podprta s strojnim učenjem/ Machine learning supported indoor localization