Special Issue “Wireless Communications in Intelligent Transportation Systems”

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to contribute to a Special Issue of Sensors on the subject area of “Wireless Communications in Intelligent Transportation Systems”. In the next generation of transportation vehicles, we are experiencing a development of faster and more efficient public transportation vehicles. Vehicles such as magnetic levitation trains can reach speeds higher than 400 km/h, and there are plans to increase this speed up to 1000KM/h traveling inside vacuum tubes. Moreover, unmanned vehicles such as UAVs or remote sensing devices demand high-quality communications for control, monitoring, and pay load. In all these cases, a special development of communication systems using state-of-the-art communication technology such as 5G and 802.11xx is necessary, but always considering the operational requirements, propagation environment, and dynamics of the vehicle.

This Special Issue will deal with novel techniques, applications, and propagation models for high-speed/mobility vehicles. Topics of interest for publication include but are not limited to:

  • Critical communications for transportation;
  • High-speed trains/vehicle communications;
  • Unmanned vehicles communications, UAVs, UGVs;
  • Aerospace communications with launcher and satellites;
  • Ultra-high-speed optimization;
  • 5G communications with high dynamics vehicles;
  • IEEE 802.11xx communications with high mobility vehicles;
  • Remote sensing of vehicles;
  • Propagation and channel modeling for communications with vehicles at speeds higher than 300 km/h;
  • Communications on ultra-high speed, vacuum, and magnetic levitation trains;
  • Remote sensing vehicles.

Prof. Dr. César Briso-Rodríguez
Prof. Dr. Ke Guan
Dr. Andrej Hrovat
Prof. Dr. Youyun Xu
Guest Editors