Applied research projects

  • Identifikacija topologij energetskih omrežij

GRID INSTRUMENTS d.o.o. (2020.2022)

Electrical Grid Topology Identification

The project addresses the problem of a network topology identification in the low-voltage power distribution grids. We are studying the shortcomings of the existing methods and developing new solutions. We have proposed a topology identification approach that avoids the assumption of a linearized power flow in order to reduce the sensitivity of the reconstruction process to the measurement errors.

ELES d.o.o. (2018-2022)

Dynamic Thermal Rating Natural Convection 

DiTeR is the name of the project as a whole and of the resulting software package. The core of the DiTeR is a physical model for the simulation of heat transfer within the transmission power line under realistic weather conditions, where ambient temperature, wind velocity, rain rate, humidity, pressure and solar irradiance are considered as major factors of influence. DiTeR comprises the heat transport through the power line, heat generation by Joule heating and heat exchange with surrounding via convection, solar heating, radiation, rain impinging and evaporation. The DiTeR problem can be stated as the problem of heat transport with non-linear boundary conditions describing different heat terms due to the weather conditions. The results obtained with DiTeR have been compared against available published data as well as measurements provided by in-house testing site.