Spatial Heart Model Derived from VHD

Trobec Roman, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana
Pipan Gregor, Logina d.o.o., Ljubljana
Trunk Primoz, Mocnik Jaka, University of Ljubljana



In this paper we present some initial attempts and results connected with the 3-D modelling of irregularly shaped bodies. The basic data were taken from the VHD (Visible Human Dataset, National Library of Medicine). Some pre-processing end editing tools were developed in order to manage the spatial modelling. The resulting procedure is quite general and not very complicated. It can also be used in some other areas of medicine. The produced human heart model can be used for computer simulations of the physiological processes on the human heart.

Table of Contents

Basics of Heart Anatomy
Cross-sections Preparation
Practical Experience with Heart Tissue Distinction
Spatial Editor

Image Index
Animation Index

Acknowledgement: This work was supported by the Slovenian Ministry of Science and Technology with grants J2-7619 and L3-7854.