Parallel Heat Transfer Computation
in Heart Surgery

Roman Trobec, Bostjan Slivnik
Dept. of Digital Communications and Networks
Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Borut Gersak, Tone Gabrijelcic
Dept. of Cardivascular Surgery
Medical Center Ljubljana, Slovenia


The following collection of WWW pages describes the project of the heat transfer computation in heart surgery. For succesfull medical operations on the human heart, the heart beating must be stoped by lowering the cardiac metabolism. This is achieved by topical cooling of the heart. Several methods of topical cooling are currently in use and there is a number of questions about these methods yet to be answered.

The goal of these project is to provide by means of computer modelling and simulation some experimental data needed for answering those questions. Due to the demanded precision of the model, the modelling and simulation must be performed on parallel computers.

These project is a part of CEI/PACT project, workpackage 5.3.