Roman Trobec
Former office (retired since May 2021):
Address: Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI), Department of Communication Systems, Parallel and Distributed Systems Laboratory, Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Mobile: +386 41 708 994

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Teaching at FRI, University of Ljubljana
Teaching at FE, University of Ljubljana
Teaching at University of Salzburg
Selected Books and Chapters:
- Parallel Scientific Computing: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications of Mesh Based and Meshless Methods, Springer 2015
- Parallel Computing: Numerics, Applications, and Trends, Springer 2009
- Application and Multidisciplinary Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks, Springer 2011
- Advances in the MLPG Meshless Methods, Tech Science Press 2010, 209-272
- Heat transfer phenomena and applications, InTech 2012, 99-152

Biographical sketch

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Selected Publications

  1. TROBEC Roman, GERŠAK Borut. Direct measurement of clamping forces in cardiovascular surgery. Medical & biological engineering & computing 35, 17-20, 1997.
  2. TROBEC Roman. Two-dimensional regular d-meshes, Parallel Computing 26, 1945-1953, 2000.
  3. TROBEC Roman. Computer analysis of multichannel ECG, Computers in Biology and Medicine 33, 215-226, 2003.
  4. TROBEC Roman, TOMAŠIĆ Ivan. Synthesis of the 12-lead electrocardiogram from differential leads, IEEE transactions on information technology in biomedicine 15, 615-621, 2011.
  5. FLYNN Michael J., MENCER Oscar, MILUTINOVIĆ Veljko, RAKOČEVIĆ Goran, STENSTROM Per, TROBEC Roman, VALERO Mateo. Moving from petaflops to petadata, Commun. ACM 56(5), 39-42, 2013.
  6. AVBELJ Viktor, TROBEC Roman. A closer look at electrocardiographic P waves before and during spontaneous cardioinhibitory syncope, Int. j. cardiol., 166(3), e59-e61, 2013.
  7. KOSEC Gregor, TROBEC Roman. Simulation of semiconductor devices with a local numerical approach. Engineering analysis with boundary elements 50, 69-75, 2014.
  8. KOSEC Gregor, DEPOLLI Matjaž, RASHKOVSKA Aleksandra, TROBEC Roman. Super linear speedup in a local parallel meshless solution of thermo-fluid problem. Computers & Structures 133, 30-38, 2014.
  9. RASHKOVSKA Aleksandra, TROBEC Roman, AVBELJ Viktor, VESELKO Matjaž. Knee temperatures measured in vivo after arthroscopic ACL reconstruction followed by cryotherapy with gel-packs or computer controlled heat extraction. Knee surgery, sports traumatology, arthroscopy 22(9), 2048-2056, 2014.
  10. TROBEC Roman, VASILJEVIĆ Radivoje, TOMAŠEVIĆ Milo, MILUTINOVIĆ Veljko, BEIVIDE Ramon, VALERO Mateo. Interconnection Networks in Petascale Computer Systems: A Survey. ACM Computing Surveys 49(3), 2016.
  11. TROBEC Roman, KOSEC, Gregor. Parallel scientific computing : theory, algorithms, and applications of mesh based and meshless methods, SpringerBriefs in computer science, Springer, 2015.