Medusa: coordinate free implementation of meshless methods

Our team started the development of Medusa library in 2015 to support our research in the field of numerical analysis and to ease implementation of applied projects. Over time, the interface grew and matured, putting emphasis on modularity, extensibility and reusability. Similarly to many open-source FEM libraries, it relies heavily on the C++ template system and allows the programs to be written independently of the number of spatial dimensions with negligible run-time and memory overhead. Special care is also taken to increase expressiveness and to be able to explicitly translate mathematical notation into program source code. However, source code is still standard compliant C++, which allows the user to use entirety of the C++ ecosystem. The open-source nature of the library is a novelty compared to the other libraries. We already utilized Medusa library for solving broad spectra of problems ranging from pure academic experiments like high order solutions of Poisson’s equation in 2D, 3D, and 4D, to applied thermo-fluid and thermo-elastic simulations of real life problems.

Few examples are presented below: (1) The Pennes' bioheat equation on realistic geometry of human brain (2) Scattering from a triple dielectric step in 1D (3) adaptive solution of 3D Bousinesq’s problem (4) High order solution of Poisson’s equation in 4D (4) thermo-fluid natural convection case

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P-Lab team

Gregor Kosec
Jure Slak
Miha Rot
Mitja Jančič
Filip Strniša
Urban Duh
Blaž Rojc


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