About the laboratory

The core of the parallel and distributed systems laboratory consists of researchers active in fields of computer science, physics and mathematics focused on solving problems that involve computationally intensive problems and problems for which the computation is distributed over heterogeneous computer architectures. To this end, our activities are based on developing algorithms needed in various fields, including numerical simulations, multi-criteria optimizations, analyses of large amounts of data, graph theory.

Our programme was initiated in 1999, to research how to utilize the plethora of different computing architectures as efficiently as possible, by means of alteration and/or more efficient implementation of algorithms. In our 20-year journey, we participated in several academic and applied projects, which engaged us in different areas, not only from computer science.

We strive to contribute to scientific community with original ideas published in scientific papers, but at the same time we are aware of real-life problems, which drives us to continuously participate in applied projects, ranging from designing an ECG portable device to developing and deploying TRL9 operational decision support software for national transmission operator.